See Bavarian traditions in a new light

Bavaria has always been considered as a region with strong traditions. So let explore its less well-known customs and innovations. Bavarian traditions can be experienced in very different aspects of life. Especially during fall there are a lot of opportunities to enjoy the local restaurants and cafés, music and events. Old customs and other traditions have not been preserved over the years, they have also been re-imagined from generation to generation.

A taste of the unexpected

Thinking of Bavaria you might imagine weisswurst, mustard, sauerkraut and pretzels. In the Middle Franconia region of Bavaria, however, the cuisine features precedence of fish. The carp season begins in September. Young entrepreneurs have joined with older generations for comimg up with new culinary combinations with fish.

The evolution of traditional brewing

As part of the anniversary celebrating 500 years of the German Beer Purity Law breweries are offering visitors the opportunity to learn about traditions and innovations. At the historical Maisel brewery in Bayreuth you can watch the brewers working and discover for yourself what really makes this region so unique.



Set off on a new adventure in Germany

Joy and adventure expect you at theme parks, leisure parks and family attractions in Germany, which have a lot of new highlights for you to discover in 2016.

Germany’s family attractions are the perfect choice for those, who are looking for an adrenaline rush or prefer to relax. You’ll play games, see impressive shows and enjoy unforgettable events with all kinds of animals from around the world!

New attractions for visitors in familiar surroundings

Tripsdrill Adventure Park, which is located near Stuttgart, is considered to be the one of Germany’s most popular theme parks, with its family-friendly design and museums, wildlife park and indoor play areas. A ride on the Karacho catapult rollercoaster is great experience, as is a visit to see the Arctic wolves and bears. Grownups can visit the Trillarium, a local history museum, and the Vinarium, which offers exciting facts on the history of winegrowing as well as wine tastings.

Safari park – experience exotic wildlife

An entirely different adventure is waiting for you at Serengeti Park Hodenhagen within easy reach of Bremen, Hamburg and Hannover. Around 1,500 animals wander easily in the wild surroundings. If you don’t like the new quad-bike safari, there’s always the option to take a tour on the marked trails in your car.

Supersized fun and games

In Legoland Germany in Günzburg you can explore miniature worlds and landscapes created using the small and different colored bricks. At the Lego building and test centre you with your family can find out about science in an extraordinary way.  The dragon’s castle, which offers family accommodation with a dragon theme is new for this year. And at Ravensburger Spieleland near Lake Constance and Playmobil FunPark Zirnsdorf you can enjoy play supersized games.



Camping in Germany: more than just sleeping under the stars

Sounds of nature, charming rays of sunshine, a calm and relaxed start to a summer’s day – that’s the beauty of camping.

In a tent or a camper van, on a very basic or a luxurious campsite, in a rural idyll or near the city, near the sea or in the mountains – when it comes to camping, Germany can offer something for everyone.

Top tips for campers

At Insel Camp Fehmarn on Fehmarn Island, for instance, you have the opportunity to camp right by the beach and next to the sea. Fall asleep to the gentle sound of the waves lapping on the shore, relax on a sandy beach and enjoy the fresh air. Families are particularly sasisfied by a wide range of outdoor activities and sports on offer.

If you prefer the mountains, we propose you a camping holiday among the impressive views of the Alps. The Brunnen campsite is located right on the shore of Lake Forggensee, close to Neuschwanstein Castle and the town of Füssen. It offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking or mountain biking, as well as the Relax Alm spa.


Camping in Germany is also great for eco-friendly travellers. a lot of campsites have been awarded the Eco Camping quality marque for environmentally friendly holidays. It goes without saying, these campsites offer an experience that is especially close to nature.


Now you can combine camping with a touch of luxury! The variants of ‘glamping’ accommodation in Germany are growing all the time. A lot of campsites offer special types of accommodation, an wide range of wellness and leisure facilities, and high-class cuisine.