See Bavarian traditions in a new light

Bavaria has always been considered as a region with strong traditions. So let explore its less well-known customs and innovations. Bavarian traditions can be experienced in very different aspects of life. Especially during fall there are a lot of opportunities to enjoy the local restaurants and cafés, music and events. Old customs and other traditions have not been preserved over the years, they have also been re-imagined from generation to generation.

A taste of the unexpected

Thinking of Bavaria you might imagine weisswurst, mustard, sauerkraut and pretzels. In the Middle Franconia region of Bavaria, however, the cuisine features precedence of fish. The carp season begins in September. Young entrepreneurs have joined with older generations for comimg up with new culinary combinations with fish.

The evolution of traditional brewing

As part of the anniversary celebrating 500 years of the German Beer Purity Law breweries are offering visitors the opportunity to learn about traditions and innovations. At the historical Maisel brewery in Bayreuth you can watch the brewers working and discover for yourself what really makes this region so unique.