Easter in Germany

When Easter is coming, Germans are making preparations for the holidays and they are wating the arrival of spring. We will tell you about Easter in Germany and how to find that “spring feeling”!

When it is time to celebrate Easter, in Germany there is no lack of festivals and traditions. You even might not think that some of them are well-known throughout the world. For example, the Easter Bunny was originally created in Germany. But almost nobody knows that he is a hare, not a rabbit! Despite the fact that Although the Easter Bunny was born in Germany many years ago, we know about him even today. He is known for hiding painted eggs and children (and not only them) have to find these surprises in the garden.

If you are going to spend the Easter weekend in Germany, you might be surprised by numerous fires that you will face! It’s a popular German tradition and everyone is welcome to join it, and it is even said that the flames drive away evil spirits. Easter bonfires are lit throughout the country. Also there are a lot of Easter markets for those, who is obsessed with shopping. They take place throughout the country, and you can discover regional handicrafts and taste local delicacies.

Spring Fever in Germany

Those who have visited the Europe in spring, hav to know that the cities here features flowering trees. Spring in Germany is special and the climate here is also unusual. Everything has awakened – you can hear birds singing, you can enjoy blooming flowers and be inspired because spring is really coming. You begin to feel better and you are fine and full of energy. You have the opportunity to walk along the Elbe river or to take a cycling tour instead, but don’t forget to stop at Mainau island, that is called the ‘Blumeninsel’ (‘flowering island’) due to its beautiful nature and stunning landscapes.

Also you can enjoy flower festivals and regional garden shows. You have the opportunity to visit such places as town of Apolda or Bad Lippspringe which are hosting regional garden shows. You should visit these magnificent places while they’re blooming! Don’t miss it! Let’s watch a short video about Easter traditions and customs that takes place in Germany.

Source: www.germany.travel