The art of slow travel

If you are constantly stressed out, slow travel is perfect for you. We will explain you how this can work for your trip to Germany and give you some tipps. Germany has everything you need for your slow trip. So, the one thing you need is to follow our tips and the principles below.

A quick guide to slow travel

Why a lot of people prefer to travel by plane? The journey is the goal, so you can go be the train instead and enjoy the magnificent views and stunning lanscapes. Or even try to travel by bike or on foot! If you do some stops, you will have a really great experience discovering different interesting things. If you travel by plane or by car you can miss them. In Germany there are a lot of forms of travel, such as a mountain walk, a cycle tour or a train ride.

As we know, a holiday can’t exist without good food. Germany has a wide range of food. Slow travel gives the opportunity to try regional and traditional food. If you’re travelling in northern Germany you should try a fish roll, and if you’re in Bavaria a weisswurst sausage is a must.

Also you can visit one of the regional events. But don’t forget to relax. In Germany it is easy due to a wide range of wellness, spa and recreational facilities.

Are you ready to plan your next slow trip? It will be an unforgettable experience.