Hit the most popular trails and see fall colours at their best

Walk among colourful trees, enjoy the wonderful sunlight and the pleasant temperatures. You can learn more about Germany’s mountains, forests, lakes and rivers, there’s something for everyone here. A lot of walking trails in Germany feature sections to suit anyone from beginner to seasoned mountaineer, and are perfect for day trips, weekend breaks or a holiday. Not only do they take you through some stunning natural landscapes, but there are also many cultural highlights to be discovered during the trip.

Enjoy the colours of fall

The Eifel region can boasts a great colourful views at this season, ready for you to admire nature in all its fall magnificence. Sandstone rocks, lakes, waterfalls and forests define the landscape, and the many historical villages will charm you.

Up into the mountains

The views from the summit of Germany’s oldest long-distance trail attract many visitors. The fresh air, innumerable streams and cultural highlights such as Wartburg Castle in Eisenach make walking the route a good reason to remember the trip.

Walking along lakes and rivers

The circular walk around Edersee Lake will take you through 27 kilometres of innocent nature, but if you want to take a short cut, you can cross the lake by ferry or boat. The 365-kilometre route along the Moselle river is surely worth a trip. In 2016 readers of Wandermagazin voted the Moselsteig Trail, which comprises 2,000 years of history with great landscape and an unprecedented winemaking tradition, the most beautiful trail in Germany.

A different kind of trekking adventure is waiting for you during a walk along the Saar-Hunsrück Trail in the Saar-Hunsrück National Park. Through valleys and forests you will reach the Saar Bow. Here, near the popular Cloef observation point, the recently opened treetop trail makes its way through the forest at a height of 23 metres, giving you the opportunity to admire the stunning fall landscape from an absolutely new perspective.

Source: http://www.germany.travel/en/news/news_startseite.html